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Steigen Church is situated on the wide stretch of lowlying arable land at the south west side of the island Engeløya. The cultural landscape has many historical remains, particularly from the iron ages. The church is built in stone and its chancel dates back to the middle ages, the nave and vestibule were built during the 19th century and the tower was added during the 1960s.

The medieval section, measuring 11.4m x 11.2m, is distinct from the rest of the building. Its whitewashed walls are 2m thick and built using the double wall dry stone method, which has carefully laid stones on each side and the space between filled with cobbles, rubble and compacted lime mortar. The walls are whitewashed on both sides and it is thought that there are soapstone quoins hidden underneath the limewash.

The church is surrounded by a graveyard that has been in use for a very long time. There are many interesting grave monuments made in stone and cast iron, which mainly date from the last two centuries. The churchyard is surrounded by a low dry stone wall built in local materials.

Year of construction


Building Type

assembly building

Construction System / Materials



Klingenberg, Sørmoen, Wefald (red.): Kirkegården – et levende kulturminne. Oslo 2005.

Pedersen, Jarl-Arne: Steigen – en vandring gjennom tusenårig historie. Steigen / Bodø 2008.


Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke
Steigen kirke