8340 Stamsund
The Stamsund Church has a magnificent location on one of the many knolls that surround this fishing village. A simple form characterises the building, in addition to large unadorned planes, straight lines and geometric forms. The church is white plastered and constructed of concrete. It has high narrow rounded arch windows. Even though it appears to be flat, the roof has a slight slope. Situated above the main entrance is a quadrangular steeple, composed of two formal elements that retreat into two stories. On the upper section, which terminates with a tall white painted cross, the original rounded arch windows can still be found. Multiple roofs crown the church. Each roof is covered with small square-shaped slate tiles. In accordance with tradition, the entrance faces west, while the choir overlooks the fjord to the east. Two elements emphasise the somewhat unusual appearance of the church, a sculpture that is positioned directly above the entrance, along with white painted concrete surfaces. It is a long church with a seating capacity of 500.

The Stamsund Church is one of few churches in Norway that reflects the ideals of Functionalism. This was a popular style of architecture particularly during the 1930s. Many innovative architects wanted to do away with unnecessary décor and old stylistic elements, in order to create something pure and fundamentally new. Both the function of the building and the method of construction were visually expressed. Through the simplification and cultivation of form, Functionalism was seen as an innovative style of architecture. The forms associated with the style were aesthetically pleasing.

This church was consecrated in 1937 and was the first church in Stamsund. Before this time, a chapel at Steine had served as a place of worship for the residents of Stamsund. Tragically, the chapel was destroyed by a storm in 1905, leaving the residents without a church for a long period of time. During this time, the Fishermen's Inn served as a provisional church. The Stamsund Church is one of three churches on the island Vestvågøy that is listed by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage as a preserved church in the Sør Hålogaland Diocese.

Year of construction



Sigurd Brænne


Hol Municipality

Building Type

Village hall

Construction System / Materials





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Stamsund kirke
Stamsund kirke
Stamsund kirke
Stamsund kirke
Stamsund kirke