The rather simple interior of the church is in accordance with the exterior, and is adorned with works by the wood carver Andreas Nilsskog from Drevja in the Nordland County. Henrik Yttervik, the building committee's foreman, had seen works by Nilsskog, both Yttervik and the architect agreed that Nilsskog create the altarpiece, the Four Apostles, a dove and a Christ figure. It is this Christ figure that stands above the door to the main entrance. Local craftsmen built the pews, altar table, altar rail, baptismal font, hymnal number board and the planking of the pulpit.

In 1936, the church organ arrived. It was crafted by the organ builder Jørgensen from the firm J. H. Jørgensen in Oslo. It is a 16-stop organ in the Baroque style. The organ is pneumonic, meaning that any actions are conducted by air, in contrast to mechanical organs. The organ is characterised by a high quality handcrafted style.


Stamsund kirke