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8392 Sørvågen
People have gathered for worship at Moskenes since 1564 when they got their first religious building. The current Moskenes Church was built in 1819, but not consecrated until 1821. The church and the farm next door, both built on top of remains of a medieval farmstead, and in addition the seafront warehouses all make a fine collection 19th century architecture.

Sitting on high ground the white church, with a plan like a Greek cross, is a monumental landmark. It is built in accordance with classicism's ideals of symmetry, and the detailing is in empire-style. Each of the church's four wings has a hipped roof and where they join is a slim octagonal turret with a tall spire. The transepts and the chancel each have an entrance. Behind the upper windows of the nave and the transepts are galleries.

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Log church


Nordland fylkeskommune: Kulturminneplan for Lofoten. Trondheim 2008


Moskenes kirke
Moskenes kirke
Moskenes kirke
Moskenes kirke
Moskenes kirke