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8390 Reine i Lofoten
Europavei 10 in Lofoten has the status of a national tourist route. Akkarvikodden stopping-place is part of a chain of service areas along this road. The stopping-place is situated high up in the landscape, with a magnificent view out over the sea. Its location is northeast and just before the turnoff for the fishing village of Reine.

The stopping-place is situated like a podium in the landscape. On the point, with the view out to sea, there is an extended terrace made of concrete, where five seating groups are laid out. The fixed seating groups are positioned around one another, so that visitors must make an active choice with regard to how they wish to sit in relation to the surroundings and the view. At the rear edge, the parking area backs on to the road, demarcated with the help of a natural stone wall.

The tables are made of concrete, while the benches are of polished hued granite.
The stone demarcation is also made of hued granite.

Year of construction



Inge Dahlman landskapsarkitekt mnla, Landskapsfabrikken. Arkitekt for servicebygningen: Mantey Kula AS.


Statens vegvesen, Turistvegprosjektet (State Highways Department, Tourist Route Project)

Building Type

Stopping-place for road users

Construction System / Materials

Stone, concrete, asphalt


roadside rest area


Dahlman, Inge, Landskapsfabrikken: “Lofoten, rasteplass Akkarvikodden”, pp. 12-13, Byggekunst 8, 2006


E10, Akkarvikodden rasteplass
E10, Akkarvikodden rasteplass
E10, Akkarvikodden rasteplass
E10, Akkarvikodden rasteplass
E10, Akkarvikodden rasteplass