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Facing east the trading post at Havnnes is situated at the very southern end of the island Uløya with the magnificent Lyngen Alps as its backdrop to the west. The surrounding green fields tells us of a long agricultural history and the fish drying racks let us know that traditional fish manufacturing is still taking place.

The domestic buildings are gathered around an open courtyard looking east over the fjord. The handsome east facing main residence has a large central dormer and is the focal point of the group. The north side has a row of three buildings: the dower house, the storehouse and a newer building replacing the old laundry. The wharf has an old warehouse and three newer buildings accommodating the fish factory. The main residence is surrounded by a well kept garden.

The wharf and the sides of the domestic buildings that face the courtyard or the fjord are all painted white and red at the back. Red is also the colour of the two storey barn, with livestock on the ground floor and a first floor hayloft, which was built during the second half of the 19th century. Havnnes was one of the biggest farms in the county during the first half of the 20th century. The large old boathouse, now seen between the courtyard and the barn, was moved from the wharf during the 1970s to give room for the new fish factory buildings.

The main residence, the dower house, the storehouse, the "jomfrubur" (the unmarried women's house) and the old warehouse on the wharf have been given protected status accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.

Year of construction



Johannes Holmboe Giæver et al.

Building Type

Trading post
fish factory

Construction System / Materials

log building
timber frame

Prizes / Recognition


Trading settlement
main building
dormer house on farm where retired owner lived
laundry house


Svendsen, Ola Ø.: Fredede hus og anlegg 1, Finnmark, Troms, Nordland, Oslo 1981, p. 28-29


Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted
Havnnes handelssted