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Gammelbruveien 11, Storslett
Situated in the outskirts of the village Storslett the handsome villa Kronehuset is set in a large garden surrounded by white picket fencing. It has two stories plus an attic up under the top of the steep half-hipped slate roof, which has lower eaves to the north and south. The front elevation is dominated by a central half storey dormer, which extend forward and rest on wooden columns, and thereby create a sheltered space in front of the garden door. There are two further small dormers on this side of the building. The three other elevations of the house are more varied and have further dormers and even a glass porch.

The house was built for the merchant Arne T. Hansen whose shop was located approximately 200m from the bridge across Reisaelva on the old main road between Sørkjosen and Reisadalen. In the olden days this was a central location on the main thoroughfare through Storslett.

Year of construction

ca. 1918


Adolf T. Hansen

Building Type

Villa, residence, house

Construction System / Materials

Log house, wood, slates