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The town hall occupies a central position in Hammerfest. For a start, it is situated on the market square
secondly, it is on the spot where the high street and the public square cross over
and thirdly, where the three main streets (Kirkegata, Strandgata and Sjøgata) meet up. At the same time as occupying the most central position, however, it has the lowest topographical position in the townscape, situated as it is on the market square where it opens out towards the sea.

The town hall distinguishes itself from the surrounding reconstructed buildings with its clear modernistic appearance – represented by two rectangular blocks of different sizes and heights, with flat roofs. Between the blocks, facing Kirkegata, is the main entrance and vestibule, on one level and with a gently sloping gable roof. The vestibule disperses the interior traffic and at the same time offers a fine view over the market square, which is situated one level down. The largest and highest block is on the corner facing Sjøgata and Kirkegata. This contains offices, whereas the block containing the town council chamber and Isbjørnklubben (Polar Bear Club) underneath is situated facing the public square. The town hall is finely detailed in a modernistic style, its details emphasizing the function of the different sections of the building. The office block’s long facades contain vertical follow-through elements from top to bottom between the window-frames. The block’s end walls indicate the middle corridor running lengthwise on all floors. The articulation of the facades thus emphasizes the vertical, and the height of the block.

Year of construction



Arkitektkontoret Schetlein &


Hammerfest kommune (Hammerfest municipality)

Building Type

Public administration, offices, exhibition space

Construction System / Materials

Concrete, stone


town hall
reconstruction architecture


Hage, Ingebjørg, Elin Haugdal, Bodil Ruud &
Sveinulf Hegstad (eds.): Arkitektur i Nord-Norge, Bergen 2007.


Hammerfest rådhus
Hammerfest rådhus
Hammerfest rådhus