Strandvegen, 9185 Skjervøy
Kiilgården is situated in the middle of the fishing village of Skjærvøy, with the church, arts centre, hotel and coastal express quay as its nearest neighbours. The house is situated in a south-easterly-facing slope, dominating the bay and harbour, which was of great importance when this trading station was established and built up by Henrik Klæboe Rasch in around 1800.

Kiilgården is a large and stately wooden house dating from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Its current appearance dates from rebuilding work carried out at the end of the nineteenth century. This was when the building gained its current length and panelling, framed windows and veranda in the late empire style. This rebuilding was carried out by Theodor Kiil, who was married to the original owner’s grand-daughter – and from whom the name Kiilgården is derived.

This house, with the remains of the old garden to one side, is all that is left of the old trading station, which in its heyday in the nineteenth century comprised over 20 buildings. The house was used to accommodate the family up until the 1960s. Kiilgården is now owned by the municipality of Skjærvøy. It is used in connection with the arts centre that was built right behind Kiilgården in the 1980s. The form and construction of the arts centre, with its slate-tiled gable roof and the exterior timber cladding of the walls, causes the two to be perceived as a single unit. At the same time, their construction is such that it is evident they date from different centuries.

Year of construction



Henrik Klæboe Rasch in 1805, Theodor Kiil in 1891

Building Type

Merchants house, housing

Construction System / Materials

cog-jointed logs


cog joint construction
empire style


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