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Brugata 8, Narvik
The Athletic Centre is centrally located on a rise, slightly west of the town centre, at Frydenlund. It has a view overlooking the harbour and the mountains. The building was designed by Jan Inge Hovig (1920-1977). He designed many buildings both in Narvik and other places in Northern Norway, such as the Tromsdalen Church and Alfheim Swimming Pool, both in Tromsø, along with Harstad Community Centre and Swimming Pool. The Athletic Centre was completed in 1968 and was one of few public complexes of this size in Northern Norway. It comprises an entire district block and houses both the swimming pool and the sports hall. Both the pool and the sports hall have the current internationally recognised measurements. In addition there is a shooting range.

This monumental building appears like a clearly defined volume and stands in contrast to the surrounding buildings. The extensive use of glass on the façades makes the building light up in the dark.

In the background we see the Narvik Hospital, where the section on the right was also designed by Jan Inge Hovig in the 1960-70s.

Year of construction



Jan Inge Hovig MNAL


Narvik Municipality

Building Type

Sports hall
swimming pool

Construction System / Materials



sports hall
swimming pool


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