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The two villas, Dramsveien 83 and 87, are situated in the residential area Minde, north of Tromsø's city centre. Each residence is surrounded by a large east-facing and sloping garden with mature trees and enjoys views of Tromsøsundet, Tromsdalen and Tromsø Bridge.

Number 87 is yellow and was called Villa Minde. It was built in 1917 as the private home of Hjalmar Holmboe, a consul. However, in 1921 he sold it to the government who used it as the official residence of the County Governor of Troms. Since 1981 the building has been occupied by Kråkeslottet, a private day nursery. The building is a handsome example of Nordic classicism with a symmetrical front facade and a one-storey four-column portico with a simple architrave, frieze and pediment. However, the combination of small and large window panes indicate influence by the jugend style (northern European art nouveau).

Number 83 is red and also called Villa Minde. It was built in 1922 and, again, for Hjalmar Holmboe after he had sold no. 87. This house is still a private residence. On its east side the villa has a two-storey bay window. Style wise it is a mixture of Swiss chalet and jugend style.

Both villas were designed by the architect Hans Backer Fürst (1877-1945).

Year of construction



Architect Hans Backer Fürst


Consul Hjalmar Holmboe

Building Type


Construction System / Materials



Dramsveien 83 og 87
Dramsveien 83 og 87
Dramsveien 83 og 87
Dramsveien 83 og 87
Dramsveien 83 og 87