The first Villa Minde, no. 87, has primarily a wooden construction and a more or less rectangular footprint. It has two full storeys as well as an attic and a basement. The steep slate roof is a combination of mansard, hipped and pitched roof structures. The external horizontal cladding is painted yellow and the other detailing is grey with some white.

The main entrance's portico is a striking classical feature, but the arched attic window two floors above has on the other hand a richly decorated carved windowhead in baroque style. The other windows vary in size and typically have smaller casements above the transom. Here at this Villa Minde these upper casements' glazing bars are diagonal and form a St Andrew's cross, a motive common in the Norwegian medieval stave churches. These crosses are also repeated on railings. On the villa's southern side there is a spacious sunroom with a roof terrace on top, which originally had stairs leading down to the garden. The east elevation has a fine bay window but there are no attempts to create symmetry.


Dramsveien 83 og 87