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This residential area, which is comprised of terrace houses, row houses and low-rise blocks of flats, is situated on a plateau on the crest of Tromsø Island, in an area called Elverhøy. This area was collectively developed in the beginning of the 1960s. It was one of the first sections, on Tromsø Island, to have a dense amount of small housing units. These structures are richly coloured two-storied and have low-pitched lean-to roofs. Lushly vegetated grounds encircle each housing complex. Good sun exposure, along with a spacious outdoor area, makes this area visually attractive.

The row houses are situated in the southern part of this vicinity. Altogether there are six housing units, which are adjoined and situated in one row. The garages are collectively located in one row as an extension of the housing complex. One finds the entrances to the row houses on the northeast side of the complex
the garden is located to the southwest. Each unit is staggered in relation to one another, thereby forming a sheltered alcove toward the neighbouring residence, on both the entrance side and garden side.

Each row house unit has a leasable floor space of 86 m2, divided among two stories, in addition to a cellar storey. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and living room, along with an exit that leads to the garden. On the first floor there is a bathroom, three bedrooms and a balcony.

Year of construction



Gunnar Bøgeberg Haugen arkitekt MNAL


Boligselskapet Anna Eides veg 1-11 og Anna Eides vei 13-23 AS

Building Type

Terrace house

Construction System / Materials

roofing felt
prefabricated sections

Prizes / Recognition

Awarded the Troms Preservation Prize in 1999, by Fortidsminneforening (the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments).


terraced houses
prefabricated sections
shed roof


Anna Eides vei - rekkehus
Anna Eides vei - rekkehus
Anna Eides vei - rekkehus
Anna Eides vei - rekkehus
Anna Eides vei - rekkehus