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Sjønstå, Finneid
The Sjønstå Farm is situated by the waterway of the river Sjønståelv at the south end of the lake Øvrevatnet - between Finneid and Sulitjelma. The farm is located by the old transport road for the ore from the mines in Sulitjelma. Until 1957 there was a shipping harbour for the ore on the farm site, on the south side of the river Sjønståelv, but the harbour did not affect the farmyard with all of its buildings.

The farm buildings are situated idyllically in a cluster, on a yard down by the water. Since it is situated between the mountains, it is protected and - and has good conditions for farming. Today the farm is somewhat remote, but it is connected to the road system. The road stops on the south end of the river. A wooden suspension bridge from 1920 is the link between the farm and the road. Before the road access, the waterway was the easiest way to contact the outside world.

Sjønstå was first mentioned in a written source in 1666. In 1776 the farm was divided into two farms, Øvergården and Nergården. There are still 22 buildings in a cluster, partially adjoined and grouped in an inner yard and an outer yard. The farm buildings lie on the first plateau up from the water. Situated closest to the river is the outer yard with the outbuildings, while the inner yard has several small Nordland buildings and larder towards the northwest. Behind the cottages lie the remnants of old gardens with berry shrubs. An old road leads up to the upper two terraces in the landscape, where there have been farm fields.

Relatively simple buildings comprise the Sjønstå Farm, but they have clear functions - situated in a sort of "livelihood chain" between the sea, land and ore. This illustrates the living circumstances people faced during the turnover point between an agricultural society and the Industrial Revolution - until long into the 20th century.

The buildings are characterised by heavy use and wear, and have been spared by large repairs in recent years. They therefore appear quite antiquated. The experience of the place is tied to both the simple buildings and their unity on the yard, but also the surrounding area and the unity the cultural landscape creates.

The Sjønstå Farm with yards and buildings was declared listed in 2005.

Year of construction


Building Type

Yard surrounded by a cluster of farm buildings

Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method


log construction
cluster farm
suspension bridge


Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård
Sjønstå gård