Øvergård has 11 buildings, and they are partially adjoined. In addition there is a summer barn which is situated in the transitional between the fields and the wilderness. The new cottage is a small Nordland house, built of cogging jointed timber and externally clad with boards. It has Empire style windows. On the south end of this cottage it is adjoined to the old cottage, which is allegedly from roughly 1750. The old cottage is built of cogging jointed timber that is not clad, and it has small paned 18th century windows. In the old cottage one can still see many of the original/old details, such as certain internal doors that have decorative painting. In the southern end one finds a windowless clothing shed made of cogging jointed timber. Near the old cottage in the east, where a stone path connects the houses, stands a small older cottage used as a larder. It is likely that it is the first cottage that was built on the Sjønstå Farm. On the other side of the yard lies the oldest building at Sjønstå - a building with an open fireplace allegedly from the 1660s. To the southeast of this building lies the stable which is built of cogging jointed timber. It is these two small buildings that can be seen on the right edge of this photo. Outside the edge of photo there is a cogging jointed barn with a hayloft, sheep barn, loo and grain shed, storehouse on pillars and shed.


Sjønstå gård