The farm Nergård lies closest to the water and has ten buildings which are partially adjoined. There are two cottages of the Nordland type with larders annexed towards the south. A concrete barn with a stave constructed hayloft, from the end of the 1940s is located here. In front of the barn, facing the inner yard, stand two small storehouses on pillars made of cogging jointed timber. Adjacent to the storehouse on pillars lays a fence enclosed garden. Behind the new concrete barn (towards the east) stands an older barn made of cogging jointed timber with a hayloft (made of stave construction) and bridge to the outer yard. Behind the oldest barn towards the north stands a third storehouse on pillars. Further towards the north and somewhat isolated lies an older house with an open fireplace, built of cogging jointed timbers and clad on the exterior with boards.


Sjønstå gård