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Prestøya, 9900 Kirkenes
Kirkenes Hospital was rebuilt in 1954-55 on Prestøya at Kirkenes, with Roar Tønseth as the architect. Large-scale developments and rebuilding were undertaken at the end of the 1970s, and later as well. At Kirkenes Hospital there is architecturally interesting staff housing dating from the 1950s and 1970s: doctors' houses, the sisters' home and student housing. The staff housing is situated on a terrace in the landscape north of the hospital, with a partial view over Varangerfjorden. The terrace is barren and the environment weather-beaten, but a mountain crag to the east offers visual stability and perhaps also a bit of protection from the climate.

Nearest to the hospital are situated the sisters' home and the girls' home. These form two linked rendered buildings dating from 1954, designed by the hospital's main architect. About one hundred metres further west are two detached houses on sloping terrain, which were completed in 1955. These were designed by the county architect and at first glance resemble two traditional buildings from the 1950s. However, they have unusual formation and structural characteristics. The student housing dating from 1973 is situated in a spectacular location right out on the point, with a view over the fjord. The buildings dating from the 1950s have architectural qualities of an unobtrusive nature, whereas the student housing presents itself as a more architecturally radical site in a structuralist style.

Year of construction



Roar Tønseth (1954)
county architect (1955)
Terje Jacobsen (1973)


Finnmark county

Building Type


Construction System / Materials



Landsverneplanen for helsesektoren.


Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger
Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger
Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger
Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger
Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger