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The sisters' home and the girls' home were built as housing for what are today known as registered nurses and auxiliary nurses. They consist of two linked rendered buildings dating from 1954, designed by the hospital's principal architect, Roar Tønseth. The girls' home comprises two storeys and a basement level facing south, and is situated nearest to the hospital. There is a single-storey little annexe between the girls' home and the sisters' home
the latter is three storeys high and is situated at a dislocated angle. The sisters' home is also situated somewhat higher, and the discrepancies in angle and height add interest to these otherwise subdued spaces. Both buildings have a central corridor, but while the sisters' building only has accommodation on the outer side, the girls' home has such rooms on both sides. Both buildings have slate-tiled gable roofs. The structure of the accommodation areas is the same - an entrance area with a washbasin, the bedroom itself, and a small closet for clothes. But they are slightly different in terms of floor area and window size, a difference that is visible in the façade. The materials used for both buildings are the same - walls and floors made of rendered and painted concrete. Nonetheless, there are many small variations between the buildings, both inside and out.

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