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About one hundred metres west of the sisters' home and the girls' home are two detached houses on a sloping terrain
on the architectural drawings these are called consultants' houses, and were completed in 1955. These were designed at the county architect's by Inge Borgen, and at first glance resemble two traditional 11/2-storey buildings from the 1950s, but they also have a number of more unusual formation and structural characteristics. The buildings are situated on a sloping terrain and present themselves on the outside as distinguished, with slanting rafters and positioned on the bias. As if to emphasize this further, the top-storey balcony on the higher short side is diagonally-shaped, and the set-in entrance section to the basement level takes a slanting form. The slanting rafters are also echoed by the differing heights of the cornices. The wall on the entrance side, facing east, is thus lower than the wall facing west, which is drawn in to provide shelter for an outside area. The ground floor houses the living-room, work-room, kitchen and dining-room, while the bedrooms are on the top floor. The interior, with its architect-designed fireplace, parquet flooring and specially-laid wall panels, give an impression of being thought-through, for high-status skilled labour.

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