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The student home was completed in 1973, designed by the architect Terje Jacobsen in Tromsø. This is a distinguished building, in a location right out on a point and with a clear view over the fjord. The student home is oriented almost exactly north-south, and presents itself as a three-storey concrete construction, as well as a top floor that is set back. A communal lounge with a kitchen on the top floor lets in the view. The building has double corridors on the main floors and accommodates 62 bedsits and two apartments containing two rooms and a kitchen. There is communal space with a kitchen, laundry-room, bath and toilets in the central section. The appearance of the building is characterized as modernistic, with clearly visible floor divisions in the concrete, horizontal window formations and with glass all the way along under the floor divisions on the long walls, so that they have the appearance of floating. The home was built in 1973 and serves today as a block of bedsit accommodation for the hospital.

Kirkenes sykehus, personalboliger