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9060 Lyngseidet, Lyngen
The Lyngen Church is located in the town centre of Lyngseidet, which is the municipal centre of the Lyngen Municipality. The church is located on a plain with the choir facing towards the sea and the east. Scattered vegetation and green areas surround the church. The building has a cross shaped plan with a steeple, sacristy and porch. On the exterior the building is clad with vertical panelling that is painted white. The roof is covered with red pantiles while the steeple is sheathed with copper.

The first one-room church was built in Karnes in 1731, a few kilometres within the fjord Lyngenfjorden. A few years later it was dismantled and moved to Lyngseidet. In 1770 the church was inspected and found to be too small, it was eventually torn down and replaced with a cogging jointed cross plan church.

The cross plan church was constructed with a traditional style, without panelling, and with a ridge turret in the middle of the axis. This church remained standing until 1840, when it was reconstructed into the church that stands today. It is believed that a German architect designed the church - in order to create a church that appeared typical of the period.

Year of construction

Completed in the 1770s, rebuilt in 1846


Lyngen Parish

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method


cog joint construction
cruciform church
vertical boarding


Karlsen jr, Haakon, Lyngen kirke 250 år, Finnsnes 1981


Lyngen kirke
Lyngen kirke
Lyngen kirke
Lyngen kirke
Lyngen kirke