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Fogd Holmboesgate 61, Setermoen
The Bardu Church is situated on a level plain where the Bardu River makes a sharp turn - today the classified road runs alongside the edge of the church's property. The church has an octagonal plan. Located in a large quadrangular steeple that faces west is the entrance, while the choir lies in the east. The building structure is made out of timber using the cogging joint method. It is clad with vertical panelling and painted white, wooden shingles cover the roof. The upper part of the steeple was completed in 1840 and has a simple square plan. The steeple crown terminates in a stiff pyramidal form. Octagonal shaped churches represent a type of plan that became popular during the 18th century and was still used into the 19th century. Some churches found in Northern Norway today are octagonal shaped churches. The community's cultural ties to the regions Tynset and Østerdalen (in South Norway) had large significance regarding the design of the Bardu Church.

History tells us that when the residents of Bardu were granted permission from the authorities to build a church, building contractor Ole Olsen Lundberg travelled to his homevillage of Tynset and found the church which served as his model. As a result, the Bardu Church and the Tynset Church, which was built in 1795, have many similarities. These similarities are largely based upon plan and form, but the Bardu Church is significantly smaller. The division of the windows, over two stories, is also similar. However, the upper part of the steeple has a simpler design than the Tynset Church.

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Year of construction



Building Contractor Ole Olsen Lundberg


Bardu Parish

Building Type


Construction System / Materials



octagonal plan
vertical boarding


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Bardu kirke
Bardu kirke
Bardu kirke
Bardu kirke
Bardu kirke