9419 Sørvik
Sandtorg Church is situated at Tjeldsundet, about 35 kilometres south of Harstad in Sør-Troms
it previously belonged to the municipality of Trondenes and was associated with the church there. The long route to the church in Trondenes was a problem, and work on a church in Sørvik began in 1891, but was not finally completed until the consecration of the church in 1933.

In 1918, the architect Sigurd Bjørhovde in Harstad produced designs to rebuild what then existed as an assembly house in the Swiss style as a chapel. With new and higher rafters, amongst other things, every characteristic in the Swiss style was to be removed to make way for a modern church, typical of its time, in a national romantic, neo-baroque style. However, the economic means to rebuild the church were not in place until 1930, and the architect revised the drawings before the building work started. The church was consecrated in 1933.

The church has clean lines and is severe in its form. It is almost symmetrical in shape, with built-on spaces for the choir and porch at each end of the nave. A high ridge turret with a pointed spire is located over the middle section. The church is painted red and the high gable roof is tiled with slates.

Year of construction



Arkitekt Sigurd Bjørhovde


Sandtorg kommune

Building Type

Assembly house, church

Construction System / Materials

notched log construction, half-timbering


cog joint construction
ridge turret


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Sandtorg kirke
Sandtorg kirke