Forsøket 9, 9010 Tromsø
Tromsø Fire Station is situated north of the city centre where the street Hansjordnesgata becomes Stakkevollveien. The building sits on land which slopes down from the residential street Roald Amundsens Gate to the flat land along the busy Stakkevollveien. It faces east and the industrial area along the seafront. The location was primarily chosen for easy access to the different parts of the city that it serves but also for regeneration of the neighbourhood.

The 5,200m2 building has a more or less trapezoid footprint and the construction system consists of a combination of traditional site-cast concrete, light part pre-fabricated hollow ball concrete slabs and steel. There are three floors with the ground floor appliance bays facing the street having double height. The fire engines (appliances) can be seen through the tall glass gates. Clad in orange polycarbonate sheeting the second floor is partly cantilevered and has a bridge reaching across to the tall concrete tower close to Stakkevollveien. The elevations have both large continuously glazed areas and long rows of windows of varying sizes.

Year of construction



Arkitektkontoret Stein Halvorsen AS


Tromsø City Council

Building Type

Public building
fire station

Construction System / Materials



Fire station



Tromsø brannstasjon
Tromsø brannstasjon
Tromsø brannstasjon
Tromsø brannstasjon
Tromsø brannstasjon