Strandskillet 2, Tromsø
The Tromsø Baptist Church is located on the street Strandskillet, one of the wide firebreak streets in the town centre. The building is located along the roadway, on the corner of a square, at the intersection where the streets Strandskillet and Storgata meet. This milieu is characterised by old wooden houses from the Empire style period. The Baptist church has had a parish in Tromsø since 1870. The older church was situated in the same location, but was torn down in order to make room for the new church.

This church is a "working" church, with both the offices and the sanctuary room under the same roof. The façade is rectangular with plastered concrete walls and dark wooden panelling. A flat roof crowns the building. Towards the street Storgata, the wall at the roadway level is recessed into the façade. While the two floors above the roadway level, where the sanctuary room is located, are marked by a vertical band made of horizontal dark wooden panelling and small windows. The façade facing the street Strandskillet is characterised by a large expanse of plastered concrete, with a narrow triangle/triangular shaft that projects from the wall, and extends from the second to the third storey. On the roadway level there is a row of tall narrow windows that are recessed into the wall. When seen from a distance this section suggests a row of columns.

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Magda and Vidar Corn Jessen, arkitekt MNAL


Tromsøs Baptist Parish

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village hall

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Tromsø Baptistkirke
Tromsø Baptistkirke
Tromsø Baptistkirke