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Simen Workinns veg 24, 9016 Tromsø
The I-box was planned as the first stage of a group construction of four individual dwellings with communal services above the arrival area between the carport and storage areas of various kinds. The accommodation has been built as passive houses, in other words houses with the goal of using a minimal amount of energy compared to ordinary houses. The reason why they are called passive houses is that passive measures are used to reduce the energy requirement, such as extra heat-insulation, extra good density and heat recycling.

The grounds fall gently away to the west and are situated in a border zone between an established estate of detached houses and an industrial area with office premises. To the north the house has a closed appearance, with three storeys of accommodation and windowpanes to let in the midnight sun, as well as providing a view over the entrance area. A compact house-body reduces the external façade, thus also reducing heat loss.

Year of construction



Steinsvik Arkitektkontor AS


Passivhus Norge AS

Building Type

climate accommodation
passive house

Construction System / Materials



Byggekunst 01/2007, p. 12.


I-box passivhus
I-box passivhus
I-box passivhus