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Søndre Tolbodgate, Tromsø
This row of warehouses, north of Torghuken, consists of four individual warehouses. It is the last existing row of warehouses in Tromsø that lines the seafront. Originally the warehouses stored goods that arrived at and left the harbour. Yet today the buildings have more contemporary functions. Looking at the photograph (from left to right) one can see the offices in the Rieber Warehouse, the student recreational building in the Bangsund Warehouse, the offices in the Aagaard/Kjær Warehouse and the Polar Museum in the Tollbod Warehouse. The quay was gradually built and developed, chiefly after World War II.

The warehouses are built of timber. Those that were built during the 19th century have interior rooms in cogging joint construction with a well-ventilated framework construction around, which has enclosed porticos on the exterior. The Tollbod Warehouse is the oldest of the four warehouses, and has this combined form of construction. It appears that the timber framework construction replaced the cogging joint construction around the turn of the 20th century. The other three buildings, which were rebuilt after a fire in 1902, are built using timber framework construction. Robust columns are set on equally robust sills in the foundation, and are connected on the top with a similar sill at each floor division. In order to fortify and strengthen the construction, spacious wooden angle brackets were used. These naturally found angle brackets are actually tree roots, at the point where the trunk meets the roots. This joint creates a hard straight angle.

Year of construction

Rieber-, Bangsund- and Aagaard Warehouse 1902. Tollbod Warehouse 1833.

Building Type

bearing house

Construction System / Materials

timber frame
cogging joint method

Prizes / Recognition

In 2000, the Architecture Firm Borealis AS was awarded the Northern Norwegian Architecture Prize for the reconstruction and annex of the Bangsund Wharf.


half rimbering
cog joint construction


Hegstad, Sveinulf (red.), Fotefar mot nord. Byvandringer, Tromsø, Tromsø (year unknown)


Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken
Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken
Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken
Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken
Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken
Bryggerekka nord for Torghuken