The Saltstraumen Visitors' Centre is situated at the foot of the bridge that spans Saltstraumen. The centre lies in a sloping terrain with a view overlooking the world's strongest tidal current. Daily fluctuations of ebb and flow through the narrow channel that connects the Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord, create large vortices in the water. For over ten thousand years, the rich marine life that feeds here along with the dangers of the current has given rise to a community, culture and mythology all of its own. The visitors' centre was established to familiarise visitors with this type of information and history. However, it has proven difficult to impart something which can be experienced much more dramatically right outside the visitor centre's front door.

The experience centre is comprised of two composite main elements, together measuring 950 square metres. The round drum-shaped section is completely dense on the outside and contains a lecture hall in the middle, which is surrounded by exhibition space. The auditorium is specially designed for multimedia presentations and film showings. Near the drum structure, there is an oval-shaped building with a roof resembling the upturned hull of a boat. This section has glass walls located right below the roof. Here there is also a café, souvenir shop and a small local-history exhibition. From this location visitors can enjoy the magnificent view.

The outdoor premises were also incorporated into the "experience" aspect of the centre. For instance, paths, which lead down to the sea and the tidal current, were installed. The landscape architects responsible for this project were Hindthamar, Sundt, Thomassen.

Year of construction



Arkitektstudio AS


Saltstraumen Opplevelsessenter AS (visitors centre)

Building Type

Visitors centre
experience centre

Construction System / Materials



activity centre


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Saltstraumen opplevelsessenter
Saltstraumen opplevelsessenter
Saltstraumen opplevelsessenter