Bremstein Lighthouse is situated on the islet of Geiterøya part of a group of islands named Steinan, approximately 28 km west of the major island Vega, and within the wider archipelago Vegaøyan, a World Heritage Site. The red and white 27m tall cast iron lighthouse is a striking landmark where the seemingly endless Norwegian Sea meets the low-lying islands of Vegaøyan. An unusual feature of the lighthouse is that it has two separate optical apparatuses each on its own gallery. The wooden lighthouse keeper's cottage is right next to the tower and nearby was also the machinery shed which burnt down in 1996. The foundations of a second keeper's cottage are still there, but the house itself was dismantled and moved to Bodø when permanent staff left the station. The concrete enclosure surrounding the buildings at the top of the islet is one of Bremstein's distinctive features. Half way down to the shore is a concrete double boathouse with a ramp leading down to the tall landing place.

In 1999 Bremstein Lighthouse was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The listing covers the cast iron tower, the lanterns and the other buildings on the station including the exteriors and interiors of the keeper's cottage and the boathouse.

Year of construction



The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Building Type

keepers cottage

Construction System / Materials

Cast iron




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Bremstein fyrstasjon
Bremstein fyrstasjon
Bremstein fyrstasjon