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Laskestad, 8289 Våg
The vicarage at Laskestad is situated on flat arable land under the mountains of Engeløy and just below a south-facing hillside, which is the home of the world's northernmost hazel forest.
During the 19th century the vicarage became a model farm and garden partly due to the rich soil and favourable climate.

The white large handsome main house has two full storeys with regular rows of tall windows. It has two entrances facing the open courtyard: one for the office and one for the residence. The main entrance originally was an open two storey Swiss chalet style porch with a pitched roof. However, during the first part of the 20th century this was changed to a glass porch with a balcony on top. It is being said that the main house, the storehouse and the combination barn were built during the period when J.C.R. Wisløff was the residing vicar
that is from 1871 to his death in 1893. However, the storehouse may well have been moved from another location on the farm. It is a one and a half storey log building with red vertical wooden cladding. There is a small turret on its pitched diamond patterned slate roof.

In 1991 the main house and the storehouse were given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.

Year of construction



The Norwegian Government

Building Type

farm buildings

Construction System / Materials

Log building


Pedersen, Jarl-Arne: Steigen – en vandring gjennom tusenårig historie. Steigen / Bodø 2008.


Steigen prestegård Laskestad
Steigen prestegård Laskestad
Steigen prestegård Laskestad
Steigen prestegård Laskestad
Steigen prestegård Laskestad