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Håjen Farm at Glein is situated by the bay Gleinsvågen which opens to the north east between the peninsulas Indre (inner) Gleinsneset and Ytre (outer) Gleinsneset, on the north east side of the island Dønna. The farm sits towards the top of the gentle slope coming up from the bay. The main residence, the storehouse with the shop and the "borgstue" (servants' quarters) make three sides of a square courtyard. The fourth side opens up towards east , the fields and Vågen (the bay). The other farm buildings are gathered in a nearby cluster which comprises the two storey main barn with a ramp to the first floor, two underground cellars and a tool shed.

As farm buildings go these are large and handsome with a uniform style. All are supposed to have been built during the 19th century, they are two storey log constructions with painted wooden cladding. The main house is white while the others are red with windows and decorative details in white. The main roofing material is slates. Most of the windows have small window panes and a central mullion. Both the storehouse and the "borgstue" have herringbone patterned doors with transom windows which may indicate they are from the early 19th century, possibly even older.

Year of construction



Andreas Pettersen (for the buildings from around 1880)

Building Type

farm, farm buildings

Construction System / Materials

Log house
timber frame


Håjen på Glein
Håjen på Glein
Håjen på Glein
Håjen på Glein
Håjen på Glein