8820 Dønna
This medieval church on the island of Dønna is situated on the big farm at Dønnes and was built for the use of the farm folk during the first half of the thirteenth century. It remained the property of Dønnes until 1796, when it was sold to Det Kgl. Norske Misjonskollegiet (The Royal Norwegian Missionary College), but before that it had also been used as a parish church.

It obtained its current elevated appearance, with its onion dome over the west gable, during the latter half of the nineteenth century. However, the church dating from the Middle Ages was even higher than the church today. In 1866, the western half of the old nave was torn down and a new, large nave built on. At the same time, the gable walls were lowered and the roof rebuilt, so that the pointed roofs became lower than before.

The church was inspected and renovated under the supervision of architect Håkon Christie in 1960 and during the 1970s.

Year of construction


Building Type

Church, assembly house

Construction System / Materials

Masonry, stone


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Dønnes kirke
Dønnes kirke
Dønnes kirke
Dønnes kirke
Dønnes kirke