Nordland på Nordværøy, 8063 Værøy
Situated in the village of Nordland at the northern side of the island Værøy, towards the very far south west of Lofoten, Værøy Old Church is built close to the remains of a very old farm. There has probably been a church here since the Middle Ages, but the current church building was moved here from Kabelvåg in Lofoten in 1799 where it had first been built in 1746. This makes Værøy Old Church also the oldest church in Lofoten. The long low log building has red external wooden cladding and its slate roof has an octagonal turret with onion dome.

The church consists of four parts: the rectangular nave, a somewhat narrower and lower chancel with the yet smaller sacristy and to the west a small vestibule.

Year of construction


Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Log church


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Værøy gamle kirke
Værøy gamle kirke
Værøy gamle kirke