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About 3.7 km from Olsborg, along riksvei (state highway) 854 down Målselvdalen (valley) lies Målselv Church. It was designed by Harry Gangvik and is situated in the same place as the old church, which was lost in a fire in 1972. The terrain around is flat and lush with vegetation. The church is shaped like a typical boat-house church, with a steep, high and dominating slate-clad roof that rises above the low body of the building with its flat roof. The expression “boat-house church” is often used of churches with a three-edged cross-section.

The ground plan itself is almost square, with the side rooms positioned in the lower side wings. A thin, high bell-tower with a flat roof stands tall like a pillar on the north side of the church. This is of masonry, painted white, and three bells hang there that were all installed in 1978 when the church was new – the two old bells were found as a lump of molten metal at the site of the old church fire.

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Harry Gangvik

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Målselv kirke
Målselv kirke
Målselv kirke