Oppeid, 8294 Hamarøy
Skogheim is situated in the village Oppeid, which is also the home of Hamarøy District Council's administration. The author Knut Hamsun and his family lived at Skogheim from 1911 to 1917. After purchasing the farm which had long been the residence of the "lensmann" (the local representative of the rural police authority), Mr. Hamsun and his wife Marie made alterations to the house and settled in making a living from both farming and literature.

During the Hamsuns' days there were several other buildings on the farm, but these have been demolished as land got sold off and built on following the expansion of the village. Only two buildings remain and these are the farmhouse and the "bårstue" (the servants' quarters). The farmhouse is a handsome green two storey building with horizontal wooden cladding, white tall cross windows and a slate roof. The main entrance is from a veranda with a balcony above, both decorated with pierced woodwork. The house has looked like this since the 1920s.

The farmhouse dates from the second half of the 19th century. When Knut Hamsun took over as its owner, it was both extended and altered. After the Hamsuns sold the property, the house was again altered and this time it was extended upwards to have two full storeys.

Year of construction

Last part of the Nineteenth century


Knut Hamsun and others

Building Type

exhibition space

Construction System / Materials

Log building