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8297 Tranøy
The Tranøy Lighthouse is situated on the Stangholm (west of Tranøy), overlooking the ship traffic in the Vestfjord. To the north, the Lofoten Islands provide a magnificent panoramic view. To the south and east, the landscape is dominated by fjords which are backed by tall mountains.

This site comprises a lighthouse which is surrounded by several buildings. The lighthouse tower is constructed of cast iron and measures 20 metres in height. While the residences and outbuildings are constructed of wood, with foundations made of stone blocks and concrete. The exterior walls are clad with wooden panelling, which in certain places has been replaced with asbestos tiles. All of the pitched roofs are covered with slate. In later years concrete was used to construct breakwaters, paths between the buildings and a 250 metre long footbridge that leads to the mainland.

As an architectural environment, this site remains well preserved. Today the lighthouse is a tourist attraction and offers overnight accommodations. It is also recognized as a listed building. In addition, it serves as a place to eat and operates as a facility for conferences and classes.

Year of construction



Lighthouse Commission of 1855, Norwegian Lighthouse Authority

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Cast iron tower


cast iron wood


Bjørkhaug, Birger og Poulsson, Sven: Norges fyr. Fra Stad til Grense Jakobselv (bind 2), Oslo 1987.


Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr
Tranøy fyr