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The farm Storfjord Gård is situated on the south side of the island Vestvågøy and it became a monastry during the 1930s.

Today the farm consists of four buildings on a low hill overlooking its fields. The long yellow farmhouse is a two storey "nordlandslån", that is, built in the traditional manner of the county of Nordland. It is a log house resting on solid stone foundations and surrounded by a well kept garden. When the Catholic Church purchased the farm, the main house was altered to have many more bedrooms. An extension was also added containing a small church. The farmhouse has a number of rococo windows with small panes, and its simple empire-style front door and the window surrounds are painted blueish green. The church windows have pointed arches.

Another two storey house and a combined cattle and hay barn were built when the church took over the farm. This house is white with small window panes and is currently being let.

All buildings are wooden with vertical board on board external cladding.

Building Type

Log building
timber frame

Construction System / Materials



Olsen, Torbjørn: Den katolske kirke i Nord - 1931-2006 - under MSF overhyrder i 75 år. Tromsø 2007.


Storfjord gård
Storfjord gård
Storfjord gård
Storfjord gård
Storfjord gård