Valbergsveien, 8370 Leknes
The community of Valberg lies on the inner side of the island Vestvågøy, along a seldom trafficked road. Vestvågøy is one of many islands that form the Lofoten archipelago. With white painted vertical panelling and ochre coloured details, the Valberg Church has a fine location along one of the beautiful sand beaches of Vestvågøy.

The Valberg Church was completed in 1888, and is a typical Neo-Gothic church, from the last half of the 19th century. Something which characterises these churches is an elongated and tall form. In addition, one observes a tall steeple on the west end and an annexed choir in the east, which is lower-rising and narrower than the actual nave itself. These churches were often clad with vertical panelling, and the roof was usually slate-clad. The Valberg Church has small annexes in the corners between the choir and nave, as well as between the nave and steeple. This feature also stems from the style of churches from this period.

The church is situated in a lush landscape, grass leads all the way up to its walls. Adjacent to the building lie old gravesites. Rusty iron crosses and cracked marble slabs mounted on roughly cast pedestals, take one back in time. Funerals ceremonies are supposedly very beautiful here. When the church door opens, from the inside of the church, it appears that the casket is being launched out to sea.

Year of construction



Vestvågøy Municipality

Building Type

village hall

Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method


log construction
vertical boarding


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Valberg kirke
Valberg kirke
Valberg kirke
Valberg kirke
Valberg kirke