Rv. 77, Junkerdalen
The roughly 17m long wooden bridge that crosses the Djevledalsbekken stream in Junkerdalen, is a impressive sight as it reaches diagonally across the deep gorge in the rugged terrain. Its purpose was to improve the old road to Graddis and onwards to Sweden.

The bridge deck rests on logs held up by braced log struts, which are both mortised and bolted together. The construction makes an arch that is anchored to the rock at each side of the gorge. The bridge was built in 1887 and as a result of the dry climate much of the original wood is intact.

In 2008 the Djevledalsbekken Bridge was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The bridge is situated away from the current main road, Rv. 77, but can be reached from nearby parking places.

Year of construction

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Strut frame bridge, wood



Djevledalsbekken bru
Djevledalsbekken bru
Djevledalsbekken bru