Botn, 8250 Rognan
The Yugoslav war cemetery is situated in a beautiful mature woodland area barely a kilometre from the main road (E6) in Botn at Saltdalsfjorden, slightly north-east of Rognan. Here lie buried 1,657 Yugoslav prisoners of war who died in German captivity in North Norway during the period 1940-1945.

The burial site is situated in a clearing on a gentle slope in the woods. It consists of a large, rectangular grassy plain surrounded by a solid wall of broken blocks of stone – with grass on top. In the middle of the grassy plain stands a large memorial, carved in granite, decorated with a five-pointed star. The graves themselves are marked with stone slabs, both named and unnamed, lying along the slope. At the centre of the site stands a lone mountain ash, the branches of which partially extend over the memorial stone. The burial site is simple and tasteful in design, encouraging reflection.

A German war cemetery is situated nearby, in the same place as the site of a Second World War Yugoslav prisoners of war camp.

Year of construction



Landskapsarkitekt Karen Reistad


The Norwegian State

Building Type

War cemetery, burial site

Construction System / Materials

Stone, grass, tree plantation


burial site



Botn - jugoslavisk krigskirkegård
Botn - jugoslavisk krigskirkegård
Botn - jugoslavisk krigskirkegård