8900 Brønnøysund
Brønnøy Church is situated to the south at the centre of Brønnøysund. It is a cross church built of natural stone and the stone walls have no exterior cladding. Windows and entrance doors, which are all topped off with a pointed neo-Gothic arch, are all accentuated by a stone frame rendered and painted in a light colour. The roof, which is relatively low considering it was built in the neo-Gothic period, is covered with slates. The elevated, pointed tower, which stands over the main entrance/porch area, bears very distinctive signs of neo-Gothicism.

The present-day church was inaugurated in 1870, when it was rebuilt after the medieval church burned down in 1866. The medieval church had been badly damaged by fire for the first time in 1772, and for a second time in 1866, which was when most of what remained standing was torn down. The medieval church had a choir and an nave, and a lateral arm was added during the seventeenth century.

Year of construction



Håkon Mosling

Building Type

Church, assembly house

Construction System / Materials

Masonry, stone


Ekroll, Eystein: Med kleber og kalk. Norsk steinbygging i mellomalderen, Oslo 1997



Brønnøy kirke
Brønnøy kirke
Brønnøy kirke