Fearnleys gate, 8650 Mosjøen
Landscape architecture and garden design are important elements in our environment and the Mosjøen Town Park is a worthy example of this. The town park takes up a whole quarter in the centre of Mosjøen, which is dominated by wooden buildings. Established in the early 20th century the intention was to create a public green lung, and now it is even more so as it has been renovated and had new additions. The park was reopened in 2008 after several years' work under the leadership of the district council's head gardener Ragna Berg. In 2009 Mosjøen Town Park was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.

The park consists of distinct parts from three different eras and each part is a good representation of how Norwegian parks were laid out and planted at the time. The pavilion from 1937 is a focal point that now relates to each of the three parts and it is the only remaining installation from the architect Sverre Pedersen's 1925 plan for the park.

Year of construction



Garden designer Elise Sørsdal
landscape architect Tor Nilsen
architect Sverre Pedersen et al.


Vefsn District Council

Building Type

Urban park

Construction System / Materials




Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen
Byparken i Mosjøen