8650 Mosjøen
Dolstad Footbridge is situated adjacent to the Dolstad Church and crosses both the river Skjerva and the road. The footbridge is built of a strong wooden construction that arches over the road and the river - in a park treated landscape - and is easily visible in this landscape. The bridge has one span with a substructure made of a wooden truss work and a superstructure with an integrated railing. The fundaments for the abutment piers and the bridge piers are made of concrete. The bridge is built with a framework of laminated wooden elements, which are joined with the help of galvanised steel mountings. It was prefabricated by the company Moelven and assembled on-site.

It was clearly an objective that the form of the bridge should correspond with the surroundings, cultivating Dolstad as an ecclesiastical and cultural centre in Mosjøen. The Dolstad region is characterised by 18th century church architecture and building collections comprised of older structures. The bridge was built as a link in establishing a new thoroughfare street (E6) passing through Mosjøen. The need for traffic safety created the demand for a footbridge. This footbridge creates an overpass for pedestrians attempting to cross the heavily trafficked road. The bridge follows the course of the general travel and bicycle traffic between the Mosjøen town centre and Dolstad. It is used by both schoolchildren and ecclesiastical processions such as funeral marches.

Year of construction



Selberg Arkitekter AS


Statens vegvesen, Nordland

Building Type


Construction System / Materials


Prizes / Recognition

Nordland County Municipality, Regional Identity Prize 1993




Byggekunst 5/1994, pp. 290-291.



Dolstad gangbru
Dolstad gangbru
Dolstad gangbru
Dolstad gangbru
Dolstad gangbru