Nusfjord is situated in the south eastern part of the Flakstad Municipality on the island Flakstadøya, the second largest island in Lofoten. This old trading settlement is encircled by steep mountains in the east- and on the west side, and this narrow fjord opens onto the fjord Vestfjord in the south. This area has most likely been a fishing centre, at least for as long as anyone can remember. It has an insufficient amount of arable land, but Nusfjord has a well protected natural harbour. One only has to travel a short distance before arriving at the large fishing areas. For a long time the harbour was the most important traffic artery for those who lived here, a permanent road communication was first introduced in 1967.

Nusfjord is organised like a typical Lofoten fishing village, where the shopkeeper owned all of the property and most of the buildings. The fishing village owner Hans Grøn Dahl arrived in 1836 and constructed the entire area. Since this time his family has owned and run the fishing village. The buildings are comprised of residencies, warehouses, production premises for the fishing industry and fishermen's sheds. Most of the buildings are from the 19th century, when the trading settlement experienced the largest growth. Out of the 60 buildings that stand in Nusfjord today, nearly 50 of them are owned by the fishing village owner, 2 are public buildings, while 12 are private residencies. The two public buildings are the school and the religious meeting house. The meeting house was paid for by the fishermen in 1873.

The footpath that runs between Nusfjord and the fishing village Østre Nesland is Flakstad Municipality's "Footprints towards the North project" (Fotefar mot Nord-prosjekt). This footpath was heavily used during the winters throughout the Lofoten fishing season, typically from February until April.

Year of construction

From the middle of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century


Hans Grøn Dahl

Building Type

fishermans shed
trading settlement

Construction System / Materials

Post and beam construction
cogging joint method


trading settlement
fishing village
fisherman's hut
post and beam construction
log construction


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Nusfjord i Lofoten
Nusfjord i Lofoten
Nusfjord i Lofoten
Nusfjord i Lofoten
Nusfjord i Lofoten