The church is located in a sloping terrain, is easily visible above the town centre, and from the sea. It has a cross plan with a long nave and short cross arms - with a choir facing towards the sea and the east. The choir and sacristy are joined as separate volumes and are lower and narrower than the sanctuary room. Multiple annexes bestow the church with an additive quality. It is built of cogging jointed logs and clad with vertical panelling that is painted white. Today the roof is slate covered.

Already 50 years after the church was built large changes were carried out, on two separate occasions (in 1776 and 1777). The walls were extended in order to open up the possibility for galleries and to make room for more participants during church services. In addition, the roof was replaced and new weatherboarding was added to the exterior. The most dramatic visual change was the annexation of a large ridge turret above the southern cross arm.

Skjervøy has a long tradition of having a church and as early as the end of the 17th century, there was already a church here. However, since this church was quite small it was decided a new one would be built, construction started in 1727. The new church is situated further north, in relation to the old one.

Year of construction



Building Contractor Hans Michelsen

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Woodwork, timber


cruciform church
ridge turret


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Skjervøy kirke
Skjervøy kirke
Skjervøy kirke