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Amtmannsgata 11 B, 9800 Vadsø
The building has kept to the sober, functionalist style of the reconstruction, with clearly-defined building sections, a flat roof and rendered outer walls. A large building space is broken down in the following fashion. The first phase of the building is in two to three storeys, where the different functions of the swimming pool, with a gym above it, the cinema and the library are housed in three different spaces. The assembly hall with its small stage makes up a fourth space, with a kitchen extension as another building space. The different parts of the building are emphasized by the use of two exterior colours, white and red. The assembly hall has a good headroom and overhead lighting.

Year of construction

1957 (1st building phase), 1964 (2nd building phase)


Isaksen &
Wigen ark MNAL


Vadsø municipality

Building Type

Community centre with library, gym, swimming pool, cinema (1st building phase), assembly hall (2nd building phase)

Construction System / Materials

Concrete, plaster, aluminium sheeting, brick, timber


Dancke, Trond M.E., Opp av ruinene. Gjenreisningen av Finnmark 1945-1960, Oslo 1986