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Alstahaug Church and vicarage are situated along the coast of Helgeland, just about 20 kilometres south of Sandnessjøen. The complex lies in a lush cultural landscape, slightly withdrawn from the sea. In the old days, this area of the sea was a main traffic route. The red painted wooden buildings are situated around a large open yard. Today these buildings house the Peter Dass Museum. Peter Dass was a vicar in Alstahaug until his death in 1707. He undoubtedly preached in the church, but did not reside in the buildings that stand on the yard today. These buildings were most likely built after his death.

The vicarage is comprised of a main building (two adjoined houses), a storehouse, a small house with an open fireplace, a water well and a parish room. For specific information about the main building, see photo. The two-storied storehouse has a saddle roof, is made of cogging jointed timber and is clad with vertical panelling. Built from a composite construction, the small house with an open fireplace is also clad with vertical red painted panelling. The parish room, or baptismal room as it is also referred to, is an older building that was moved here in 1863-65, and is located closest to the church. Located in the middle of the yard is the water well - a small building with a pyramidal roof. It was reconstructed in 1973-74 based upon the remnants of an earlier foundation and old photographs. A wooden warehouse structure (storehouse) is situated near the edge of the sea, but is not visible from the yard.

Both the vicarage and the storehouse were declared as listed buildings in 1942. The entire complex, along with the church, has great historical significance.

Year of construction

18th and 19th century

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Cogging joint method


saddle roof
log construction


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Alstahaug prestegård
Alstahaug prestegård
Alstahaug prestegård
Alstahaug prestegård
Alstahaug prestegård