Myken Light Station is situated on the island Jutøya which is part of Myken, a group of small islands and skerries about 32 km off the mainland of Rødøy and 15 km northeast of Træna. Myken is also the name of the small fishing village on the other side of the sound east of the light station.

The light station was established in 1917 and serves the coastal shipping lane. The station is built on the highest point of Jutøya. The red octagonal lantern room sits on top of the pitched slate roof of the white, one and a half storey, sawn log lighthouse keeper's cottage. Both a road with built steps and a telpherage lead from the boathouse and landing place to the lighthouse.

In 2000 Myken Light Station was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act. The listing includes the keeper's cottage with lighthouse, the outbuilding containing the machine room and the boathouse as well as land surrounding the light station.

Year of construction



The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Building Type

light house
light station
lighthouse keepers cottage

Construction System / Materials

log construction


gable roof
engine house


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Myken fyrstasjon
Myken fyrstasjon
Myken fyrstasjon