8196 Selsøyvik
The old trading settlement Selsøyvik is situated outermost on the coast - today hidden from those traveling by car and other motorized means of transport. It is located on the island Selsøy, by the Selsøy Sound. The actual site occupies a small foreland by a protected, west facing inlet. On the outer side/west side of the narrow sound lie low, grassy hills. While on the inner-/east side of the trading settlement there are knolls and a sparsely wooded birch forest located behind. In the background lie the pristine mountains of the Nordland coast, appearing like coulisses (side scenes). The densely arranged buildings of the trading settlement are painted red and white and represent old building traditions.

The buildings which stand at this site today were built during the 18th-, 19th- and 20th century. The buildings on the yard are all made of cogging jointed timber, while the wharf warehouses are constructed using the post and beam technique. All of the buildings are clad with vertical panelling and have slate covered roofs. The main building has windows in the Empire style from the 19th century, while the older buildings have small paned, Rococo style windows. The main building is painted white, while the others are painted red. The four old buildings comprising the trading settlement were declared listed in 1942.

Year of construction

18th-, 19th- and 20th century


BOARCH arkitekter as


Finn Olsen

Building Type

Trading settlement

Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method
post and beam construction


trading settlement
log cosntruction
post and beam construction vertical boarding
empire style


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Selsøyvik handelssted
Selsøyvik handelssted
Selsøyvik handelssted
Selsøyvik handelssted
Selsøyvik handelssted
Selsøyvik handelssted