Løp, Riksvei 834
Situated barely 10 km north of Bodø and surrounded by fields and a garden with large old trees the farmstead Løp Gård stands out in the otherwise fairly barren environment. The ochre two storey farmhouse is made up of two separate houses now joined up at an angle.

The wing closest to the main road Rv. 834 was built around 1760 and was in 1789 joined up with the other older house, which is thought to have been built around 1700. Both parts are long and narrow, that is just one room wide, hence the living rooms get light in from two sides.

Year of construction


Building Type

Farmstead, farmhouse, museum

Construction System / Materials

Log house, wood, turf roof


Jakhelln, Gisle (med flere) (red): -byen vårres, vandringer i Bodø, Bodø 2004



Løp gård
Løp gård
Løp gård
Løp gård
Løp gård